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Genuine Auto Glass Customer Reviews

Thank you for a great experience with Genuine Auto Glass when you replaced my windshield in my 328 BMW. It was a pleasure dealing with your company from the first phone call right through to the bill. You folks are First Class and the job was done RIGHT. Very friendly customer service. I look forward to recommending your business to friends and family.

M. Bernardy

Thank you for the excellent and special chip repair services you provided for my 2005 Subaru and 2004 Acura upon referral from Bruce Titus Subaru. I'll refer as many customers as I can.

D. Majouski

Thank you very much for your support Genuine Auto Glass. You've really made an enormous positive difference.

201st BFSB S-3 Soldiers

Thank you for taking care of our customers. Companies always talk about great customer service, but Genuine Auto Glass lives it.

Tammy K, Insurance Agency C.S.R.

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