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Windshield Replacement & Repair in Lacey

Don’t let a small crack become a big problem. You can push a windshield repair down to the bottom of your to-do list, the reality is that it could rapidly get pushed to the top when the crack inevitably grows. Here at Genuine Auto Glass, we offer premium windshield replacement and windshield repair in Lacey. We recommend you see us before the crack spreads. If you need mobile auto glass replacement in Lacey, consider our fast, reliable, and insurance-covered services that will have you safely back on the road in no time.

Auto Glass Repair & Equipment Upgrades

Keeping your auto glass in shape is vital to avoid fix-it tickets or accidents on the road. At Genuine Auto Glass, our services include chip repairs, windshields repair, door glasses, quarter glasses, side glasses, back glasses, and power window repair and replacement. We use high-quality glass and OEM-approved adhesive systems, so if you need auto glass repair/replacement or power window repair in Lacey, you’ll be in good hands.

Upgrades & Services We Offer to Customers

A large percentage of car issues happen on the road. We created a mobile auto glass repair service that brings our top-rated materials and professional crew to you. Also, to thank the brave U.S. military members for their service, we offer free chip repair to all active and retired military personnel.

Windshield Replacement Experts in Lacey, WA

Genuine Auto Glass is approved by all insurance companies. You may call the Lacey store to start your claim or click here to start your claim now.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Why Choose Genuine Auto Glass?

Of all the auto glass and power window repair or replacement shops in Lacey, why should you choose us?

  1. We are an approved vendor to ALL insurance companies. You won’t need to pay full price for the job.
  2. All our technicians are certified in installation and replacement techniques. As a family business that’s been running for three decades, you can trust that we know what we’re doing.
  3. We use OEM-approved adhesive systems.
  4. We provide a lifetime warranty on service and a manufacturer’s warranty on parts.
  5. Our mobile auto glass repair service brings our office to your vehicle.

We don’t just strive to fix your broken auto glass. We hope to build a relationship with you and be your trusted auto window experts for your future needs.

Contact Us for Exceptional Services in Lacey

Do you need windshield repair or windshield replacement in Lacey? If you’re searching for auto glass assistance, our team at Genuine Auto Glass can help. Our family-owned business has been running for more than three decades, so it means a lot for us to serve the community. Contact us today to learn more, or fill out our online form.

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